SONY MDR-NC200D (Noise Canceling) Review
Design 8
Features 7
Performance 7

Probably the best value for this headphones medium range. Powerful, robust and light, it has everything to attract the smallest budgets

Summary 7.3 good

  • Strengths: The Sony MDR-NC200D noise canceling headphone is a compact headset with a powerful noise reduction module and deep bass. They can be folded and stored in a very well designed case. Another advantage is that the headphones can be used without noise reduction.
  • Cons: Slight breath when noise reduction is on, and no integrated microphone for making phone calls.
  • Summary: If you do not have the means to opt for a Bose QuietComfort 15, the Sony MDR-NC200D is a good compromise offering noise reduction, superb audio quality, and comfort at a very low price.

Sony MDR-NC200D Headphones Review

The first thing you’ll probably be asking me before buying this new Sony headset is if active noise reduction is better than on Bose QC15 or QC3 headphones. To put it simply, the answer is no, but the Sony headset is displayed at a much lower price and offers many resources.

SONY MDR-NC200D (Noise Canceling) Review

Sony MDR-NC200D Headphones Review


Design and Features

What did I like about this Sony model? First, the size of the headset itself, far more compact than many of its competitors. They also have the distinction of being light and having a rather successful design I find. Like a QuietComfort 3, the MDR-NC200D is also a model of headphones offering pads that do not completely cover the ears but come to rest on them. Inevitably, the outside noise is then a little more present. If you’re looking for larger pads surrounding your ears, turn to Bose QC20 instead.

To the advantage of Bose headphones, the Sony model allows to listen to music or watch movies without activating noise reduction. In other words, if the AAA battery used in the battery is empty, you can still use the headset.

Design and Features SONY MDR-NC200D (Noise Canceling) Review

Design and Features


Precisely, this noise cancelling, let’s talk about it. Sony offers a module called “Artificial Intelligence” to regulate the reduction according to the different environments, and it works rather well again. I was really in my office bubble, but I can not say the same on a busy street or in the subway, where a few noises still passed.

For calls, although the headphone does not have a microphone to communicate directly, a function allows listening to calls directly in your headphones. Not very logical all that, but hey, you can also just slide your headphones on your neck and pick up your phone.

Manufacturing level, the helmet is sturdy and the finishes rather clean, and it should fit on the length.

MDR-NC200D Headphones Audio Performance

The sound of Sony MDR-NC200D headphones as reviewed is good, but not perfect. One would expect from the range targeted by the Japanese manufacturer here. And for the price, it remains more than satisfactory. The basses are very well transcribed and give a good impression of depth. Some will prefer the rendering of sounds without the reduction of noise, a question of taste, but also of a situation. The vocals are also very well transcribed. In short, the sound is good, but not impressive either on high-end headphones.


The Sony MDR-NC200D headphones is a very good mid-range. It offers the possibility of greatly reducing the surrounding noise, without compromising audio quality. The design is also a success, and I do not have much to complain about comfort.

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