Sony MDR-1R Complete Review
Design 9
Features 7
Performance 8

Here is a headphone that has it in the belly! The Sony MDR-1R is a real little nugget, without breaking your purse

Summary 8.0 Excellent

  • Positives: With the Sony MDR-1R, the manufacturer provides a circum-aural (around the ears) headphone with comprehensive sound performance and comfort formidable. Expect to quickly forget it on your head and plunge you into long hours of listening.
  • Negatives: Not particularly compact when folded, the carrying case are not suitable for transport to the advertised rate.
  • In Short: If you are looking for a wired headphone which provides comfort and performance, then the classical model of the range Sony 1R is a good choice. For its rather low price, it represents a real opportunity in terms of value for money.

Sony MDR-1R Headphones Specs:

  • Circum-Aural
  • Diaphragm 40mm
  • Remote control with built-in microphone
  • Excellent comfort
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Carrying case and 2 cables

Sony MDR-1R Headphone Review

The MDR-1RNC (with Active Noise Reduction) and MDR-1RBT (with Bluetooth connectivity) mini-brother, the Sony headphone has a particularly elegant design that promises very good comfort. Practice confirms these assumptions, as the headphone is a model in its category. The headphones just apply the pressure necessary to hold perfectly in place on your ears, and one soon comes to forget this one. As of sound performance, again not much to complain about. More details below.

Sony MDR-1R Headphones

Sony MDR-1R Headphones


Luxurious Design and Functionality of Sony MDR-1R

The Sony MDR-1R offers a wide range of soft, fluffy (replaceable) ear cushions that perfectly surround your ears and Headphone provide passive noise isolation. Obviously, this model does not feature active reduction, but its design allows it to block a good part of the noise surrounding you without increasing the volume.

The comfort is always subjective to define, and one of my friends having tried the headphone was also embarrassed by the inner part of the headphones that tended to press on his ears. For the avid figures, know that the headphones weigh about 240 grams, which is fairly standard for this category of audio equipment.

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The set looks particularly solid and the headphone seems ready to face long hours of listening without moving. The plastics used have much better lines than one might find on studio beats. The earcups rotate horizontally and vertically to ensure a good maintenance no matter the shape of your head. In short, as usual, Sony offers a product with beautiful finishes.

Accessories with Sony MDR-1R Headphone

Inside, there is a 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragms driver fitted with a certain angle to offer a different experience than what we usually hear on other competing models. It’s a feature of Sony since the 80s. Coming to the frequencies, the headset allows to transcribe frequencies up to 80kHz. It is much more than the level necessary when we know that few people hear over 20kHz.

The headrest is padded and contributes greatly to the comfort provided by the MDR-1R. But it is regrettable that this one can not fold in order to easily store the headphone flat during transport. Note, however, that the headphones can rotate flat.

Two cables are supplied with the headset, one specific to Apple devices and incorporating a microphone for phone calls as well as a remote control suitable for different versions of iOS, and a second conventional cable. Note that both connect to the left earphone using a 3.5mm jack.

Small flat for the bag of transport proposed by Sony. We would have appreciated a hard case to protect it well.

Luxurious design and functionality Sony MDR-1R Headphones

Luxurious design and functionality of Sony MDR 1R


Sound Performance of Sony MDR 1R Headphone

Offering a slightly accentuated bass line on the bass, the MDR-1R delivers a rich and particularly well-balanced sound. With this model, Sony is close to the sound performance of Sennheiser and Momentum. Although some efforts on the clarity of the sounds are still needed.

Compared to the Bowers & Wilkins P5, the audio performance of Sony’s headphones may be a bit less detailed, but I found it more natural and “spacious.” The basses are also much more powerful and offer real dynamics to your playlist. A special mention for the management of vocals, very subtle and allowing to hear precisely the different timbres and effects of voice.

Finally, the last comparison, facing the Crossfade M-100 V-Moda, which the Sony headphone is close in size. Both offer very good performances but the more neutral tone of Sony’s MDR-1R should more satisfy audiophiles who navigate between many musical genres.

If you also use your headphones to watch movies or series, be aware that the particularly open sound of the headphones allows you to fully enjoy all the scenes and appreciate the different distances between the main scene and background noise.


The Sony MDR-1R is a success in every aspect. Stylish design and particularly beautiful, high sound performance and fearsome comfort make it one of the best wired audio headphones. If we add to it a now reasonable price, here is a great deal on which the audiophiles should not hesitate long. I recommened it!

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