SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Complete Review
Design 8
Features 7
Performance 6

With the Tracks HD, Sol Republic reinvents the concept of headphones with a product to be assembled in kit and to personalize to its taste

Summary 7.0 good

  • Pros: The Sol Republic Tracks HD is a particularly light and quite comfortable headphone with the especially original design. It is indeed possible to change the different parts to personalize this one. The sound is good and the price is affordable.
  • Cons: The sound is not very detailed. The supra-aural pads are not suitable for all ears.
  • In short: If you want a headset in the spirit of Monster Beats without necessarily pay the price, then the Tracks is for you. We particularly like the efforts made on the personalization of this one.

Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphone Review

With the number of headphones reviews that I have carried out this year, it is clear that, as a rule, good products cost considerably more than 100 bucks. However, a new company on the market, Sol Republic, hopes to change the situation with a range of headphones offering a good compromise between design, solidity, and performance. If you were wondering where the manufacturer’s name might come from, “SOL” was selected for “Soundtrack of Life.” For a little, better locate you, the founder of Sol Republic is none other than the son of this Monster Cable, Noel Lee, well known for the success of the line Beats by Dr. Dre.

Sol Republic Tracks HD

Sol Republic Tracks HD Review

One of the special features of the brand is to offer headphones in kit form. Do not worry, I mean that in its box, the hoop, the headphones, and the cable are not assembled and you will have to do it yourself, which is by the way very simply. The advantage of this idea? You can order each of the pieces in different colors and style to give a second life to your Tracks and especially to customize it according to your tastes.

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The headset also incorporates a microphone for your hands-free phone calls.

Design of the Sol Republic Tracks Headphone

Although Tracks does not look like the Beats Solo HD, it looks very similar to the noise isolation headphones positioning on the ears rather than around like a Beats. I found the model rather comfortable, even if it does not yet play in the same league as a Bose OE2. It holds well on the head without too much tightening and the system allowing to adjust the size is particularly well thought out and invisible.

The hoop is very strong but remains flexible enough to adapt to different morphologies and the cable is detachable (necessarily, since it is possible to change the color of it). We find a remote control on this one to manage your tracks and volume on your Android and iOS devices.

Coming to its look, the Sol Republic Tracks HD is really nice, although the lacquered finish quickly reveals fingerprints.

Design of the Sol Republic Tracks

Design of the Sol Republic Tracks


Performance of Sol Republic Tracks Headphone

On the audio side, the Tracks provides clearly “aggressive” performances, by which I mean that it clearly does not propose a particularly balanced and neutral sound. On the contrary, bass and treble are clearly highlighted and some will find them too present. They are clearly intended for a public-oriented Hip-Hop, rap or electro. To give you a simple example, by listening to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” it was necessary to lower the volume as the best wireless headphones vibrated literally on my ears. Some will appreciate, others won’t.

Based on more detailed tracks, the sound gaps are felt and the sound is unfortunately not very precise. Basically, do not expect to get the same sound level as headphones from Bose or Parrot with HD Tracks. In a sense, it is rather understandable for a model offered at just over 100 bucks, where the brands cited below generally offer headphones for more than $200 or even $300.

Therefore mixed sound performance, and it is clear that the Sol Republic to mean to do better on this side while keeping this playful and fun side of the headphone.


For a little more than $100, do not expect miracles, and the HD Tracks is not. However, at this rate, it remains a headphone with value for money very suitable. I particularly liked the principle of personalization which allows to easily change the different main parts of the headphone. Too bad the headphones do not have much choice of colors much like the Crossfade M-100 V-Moda.

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