Sennheiser Momentum Complete Review
Design 9
Features 8
Performance 9

Probably one of the best choices if audio performance is for you a priority. Comfortable, design, and affordable more!

Summary 8.7 Excellent

  • Strengths: The headphones Sennheiser Momentum is an elegant headphone, proposed with wide pads completely covering the ears. The audio quality and the finishes are just excellent. The headphone comes with a carrying case and two cables including a remote control specific to Apple products. 
  • Weaknesses: A price will remain high, but that is proportional to the product quality. It would have been appreciated that the headphone could fold completely flat also. 
  • Summary: Probably one of the best headphone having Bluetooth offering awesome audio quality on the market today. It may not correspond to lovers of big bass, but for everything else, you will hardly find better. Add to this a sober and efficient design, and a very good finish; the Sennheiser Momentum is a marvel!

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones Review

For several years now, Sennheiser has offered a wide range of headphones and earphones, ranging from cell phone to Bluetooth (click here). Today, with the Momentum, the manufacturer strikes a great blow and targets the true audiophiles, looking for a very high-quality audio, reflecting your favorite songs. Specially designed to be used with phones and other portable reading devices such as MP3 players.


Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum Design and Features

At first glance, the quality of materials and finishes breathe quality. Available in brown, black or blue, the manufacturer opts here for leather cushions covering the ears completely. They are connected by a leather arch which is very comfortable. On the side of each earpiece, there is a metal part allowing to adjust it to all sizes and shapes of head. Continuing on the design of the helmet, when compared to some competitors we note that, Sennheiser here makes a choice not to let the headphone fold to be easily stowed. This is both a good and a bad point when we know the weak points that these foldable elements can be in the long term.

One of the first things that marked me by using the Momentum is its weight, only 190 grams! A prowess for a stereo headset of this size. In terms of comfort, the manufacturer is renowned for offering comfortable headphones that can be used for long hours. It was also the case here that after a while, the pressure on the top of my ears was a little embarrassing. Nothing was being pronounced well.

Momentum Design and Features

Momentum Design and Features


Regarding accessories, the headset comes with 2 different cables, one specific to Apple products with a remote control, and incorporating a microphone. Also, note the effort produced on these cables is of very good quality. It allows it to lock in order so that you should not have the unpleasant surprise to see them disconnect by themselves while listening anything on the headphones. We also find a beautiful solid case to be able to store your headphone and protect it easily. We also noted the presence of a manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

Sennheiser Momentum Audio Performance

The sound coming out of the Momentum earphones is precise and clear. There is no particularly pronounced accent on the bass for example as on some models of headphones for portable music players. I realized some listening tests between Momentum and new and old Beats. As a result, even though the Dre team now offers a new high-performance model. The Momentum stays on top of the audio quality. The levels are level, and no matter what type of music you listen to, the sound is always very precise and well rendered. Watching a few shows, including an episode of Walking Dead, I almost forgot that I had a helmet on my ears as Sennheiser’s helmet plunges us into the atmosphere. I particularly appreciated the depth of sounds coming from off-plan actions.


The Sennheiser Momentum headset is the ultimate headset if you’re really picky about audio performance, or for people looking for a perfect compromise to listen to all kinds of music and movies. The design is a success, and the finish is very well realized. The style is clearly different from a line like Beats or SMS Sync by 50, but the target is also not the same. We can issue a slight flat on the comfort during very long listening, and the price in some resellers.

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