Design 9
Features 7
Performance 9

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear again delivers superb sound performance, now with improved portability

Summary 8.3 Excellent


  • Pros: We like the sound quality, always well mastered and a design particularly well finished. Easier to carry than the first generation, this Momentum 2.0 On-Ear is also comfortable and comes with a carrying pouch.
  • Cons: We regret a slightly limited external insulation and the fact of having to choose between version Android or iPhone.
  • In Short: More evolution than a revolution, this second generation of Momentum On-Ear should probably once again emerge as one of the best supra-aural headphones on the market today.


  • Supra-Aural Headphones
  • On-Ear Headphones
  • Weight of only 160g
  • Remote control with 3 buttons and integrated microphone
  • Best Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Headphones Review

After our trial a few weeks ago of the over-ear (or circum-aural) version of the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, we find ourselves today with the on-ear version of the second generation of nomadic mobile headphones of the brand. As for the first version, the On-Ear headphone uses the same features and curves as its big brother, but in a smaller version and much lighter. Simpler to carry and more discreet when placed on the ears.

Are performance and comfort also at the rendezvous as on the “classic” version? The answer is in our comprehensive and pictorial review.

The Momentum On-Ear is in direct competition with the Beats Solo2 and the Bose SoundTrue On-Ear, which are also very successful in a constantly evolving market.

Test Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear


As for the circum-auricular version, the Momentum On-Ear is presented in a hard cardboard box covered with a cover with a large photo of the product on its front side and its main features on its back.

On opening, the headphone is presented in a large carrying case zipped in a black material recalling the velvet. On opening, we can see directly a new product of this second generation: the headphone is now foldable and therefore much easier to store in a bag.

The cable is detachable and incorporates a remote control as well as a microphone. Attention, it will be necessary to take care there again to choose your version well, since there is a version intended for Apple devices and another for Android devices. As with the Over-Ear model, we regret this choice, as most homes often have different appliances.

Underneath the carrying pouch, you will find the user guide and the warranty manual.


Design and Comfort

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear is as explained above a particularly compact and small headphone, with headphones clearly more discreet than on the classic version. As its name “On-Ear” indicates, unlike the more imposing model, this one comes to rest directly on the ears, rather than completely encompass the latter.

Unlike the Over-Ear model, which has a larger headphone design, the headphone being reviewed today has still compact headphones, which should appeal to anyone looking for discreet headphones. The shape of the headphones is however slightly reworked, with lines a little better drawn.

Design and comfort

One of the special features of the Momentum models is, of course, the different materials used in its construction, and this second generation does not escape this rule. We always find this aspect clearly “Premium” compared to the models of Beats often making very “plastic”. Here the headphone structure is made of metal with a hoop separating in two branches at the top of the skull to ensure a perfect stability once the headphone rests on the head.

The hoop is always covered with a layer of Alcantara that gives the headphone design a particularly elegant touch. The wide seams are always apparent and the inside of the arch is properly padded and it must be admitted that the finishes of this Momentum On-Ear 2.0 are simply excellent. The brand is used to pay particular attention to detail and this model is once again the example.

Design and comfort

On the color side, three versions are currently available. One finds a model proposed in black tones, a second one with the silver earphones a brown arch cover, and finally a third model, the one reviewed today, presenting headphones color ivory and a dark brown arch. In all three cases, the headphone exudes elegance and sobriety while clearly differentiating itself from the competition, which is becoming more and more familiar to us in much more flashy and colorful tones.

Design and comfort

As for ergonomics, one of the great innovations on this model is the appearance of a hinge allowing to fold the headphones towards the inside of the arch. A feature that was clearly missing from the first generation of Momentum, especially on the On-Ear version, since it is designed to be used primarily outdoors and transported anywhere with you. As on the circum-aural model, this hinge clearly breathes quality and solidity, and should not betray you anytime soon.

Design and comfort

The headphones are always adjustable in height, for that you just have to slide them up or down. Once the correct position is found, they do not flinch. Also, to ensure good comfort and better fit, the headphones are mounted on pivots allowing the earbuds to have a certain freedom of movement both horizontally and vertically.

Once on the ears, this Momentum 2.0 On-Ear may not be as comfortable as in its Over-Ear version but the whole is still very correct for a supra-aural model. The tension of the arch is well distributed over the entire surface of the skull that it covers, and the ear pads, a little more padded, are also comfortable. In practice, it is, therefore, possible to keep the latter for several hours on the ears without any particular genes. The second generation of Momentum is quickly forgotten and ensures a sufficient hold to remain in place even during a running session.

Design and comfort

Finally, a word about the cable. The small novelty here, this one is detachable and can, therefore, be replaced very simply if a galley came to point the tip of his nose. It is no secret that the connection between the headphone and its cord is often one of the most fragile elements of this type of product. Once it is nested in the right earpiece (it is not possible to choose the side), a small rotation of the latter makes it possible to lock it in its position, in order to prevent it from being detached if one pulls A little too strong on it.

On the cable, there is a classic 3-button remote control, as it is done on most current models. However, as stated at the beginning of our article, there is a version for iOS and another for Android. With this remote control, you can manage the volume of the listening, switch from one track to another, or pick up a phone call, since a microphone is also integrated into it.

Design and comfort

Sound performance

Once the first listening is done with the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear, the first feedback that can be done is that it does not sound fundamentally different from the first generation. Is it an evil in itself? Not at all! The Momentum range is renowned for offering excellent performance and this version 2.0 confirms once again the brand’s experience.

Offering a particularly appreciated and rich sound, the sound signature of the headphone brings a real pleasure of listening. If the precision is not that of studio headphones, this is not the idea of the Momentum range anyway. The headphone is designed to meet the expectations of the majority, and it must be confessed that it achieves this vision with great brilliance. The basses are powerful and deep, especially for a supra-aural headphone, but perfectly controlled. They offer a clear “fun” sound, without denaturing your favorite music by crushing mediums and highs.

Sound performance

If we were to have this model at the Beats Solo 2, which is clearly one of its direct competitors, we would opt without hesitation for the Momentum On-Ear which offers a sound signature more balanced and overall more homogeneous, adapting more easily to different musical genres. The Solo 2 offers maybe a little more “punch”, but remains to our taste below.

Whether on Jazz, Pop or Electro, the Momentum 2.0 has a clean, unadorned sound. Without even having to go through the equalizer box, most styles match perfectly, with tones always well respected and vocal parts well present.

Despite the size of the headphones, the listening scene seems relatively wide and spatial and brings a very good listening comfort. However, everything is not perfect either and the sound tends to leak far more outwardly than on the Over-ear version. In practice, if you can feel like you are in your bubble once the headphone is placed on your ears, it’s a safe bet that your metro neighbors also feel in your bubble. Indeed, the insulation towards the outside is more than average and we regret a little that Sennheiser is not really improved this point.

Sound performance


Without being a real revolution, this Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear (see the discount price) improves some points of a headset that was already a reference in performance and comfort. The few modifications made to his excellent design allow it to be even more portable and nomadic, making a very serious opponent to the Beats Solo 2 or the Bose SoundTrue. The sound performance is clearly excellent, even if the lack of insulation comes a little taint the final table. However, we can only recommend them with your eyes closed if you are looking for a supra-aural headphone and you have the right budget. If portability is not your priority, however, it is preferred the Momentum Over-Ear, more comfortable.

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