PHILIPS FIDELIO M1 on-ear headphones Review
Design 8
Features 8
Performance 7

Model of the Fidelio L1, the M1 offers a comfort and a very nice design but suffers from a few flaws in the audio performance

Summary 7.7 good
  • Positives: The headphones Philips Fidelio M1 provides a clear, natural sound, but also a very decent comfort for a supra-aural headphone (placed on the ears). It can fold flat to be simply transported in your bag or your bag and proposes a very nice design. As usual, there is also a remote control on the cord and an integrated microphone to make phone calls. 
  • Summary: Although it’s not perfect compared to some competitors, the Fidelio M1 offers design and comfort which will delight more than one. If you are looking for an “On-Ear” headset, this is a good choice.

Philips Fidelio M1 Headphones

We have already reviewed of the Philips Fidelio L1 headphones. A headphone for audiophiles and offering a sound of rare quality not just for portable devices but also for the Hi-Fi systems of your home. However, because of its size, the L1 was not suitable for mobile use, and this is corrected with the arrival of the Fidelio M1, with an M as Mobile.


Philips Fidelio M1 Headphones


The headphones from Philips now offer a design much more adapted to the nomads, skillful mixture of lightness and comfort. The sound is good, clear and precise while remaining well balanced.

Design and functionality of the Fidelio M1

One thing I particularly enjoyed about the M1 is the fact that it is relatively tight. It stays very well in place on your ears without compressing them. The headphones are covered with a memory foam that provides comfort during extended listening. And coming to its weight, it is a very lightweight headphone.

The cord is detachable, but it can not be removed directly from your earphone. Indeed, a cord is directly connected to the headset, and the connection is made directly to the cord, and not to the earphone. A strange choice on the part of Philips, but I know that some prefer this type of connection. Not really my case.

Audio Performance

As explained above, I appreciated the sound quality of the M1 and the sound rendered by these. They give a warm, precise and neutral sound. By neutral I mean that unlike some competitors such as the Beats Studio, for example, where there is no emphasis on the bass or treble. This is an advantage if you want to listen to any kind of music, and you are not limited to Rock or Hip-Hop. Thus, the Philips Fidelio M1 offers a sound of good quality regardless of your tastes, but you may prefer other headphones if you are a fervent defender of the bass.

Audio Performance PHILIPS FIDELIO M1 on-ear

Audio Performance

There is still a slight problem with the performance of the Philips headphones: the sound does not seem so “open,” not easy to describe as sensation, but it feels to be a little cramped, and the sound sometimes seems “recessed.”

My Experience with PHILIPS FIDELIO M1 headphones

During my various review for headphones, I compared the Fidelio with the Jabra Revo. In terms of comfort, these two headphones offer equivalent performances, but the basses are more on the Jabra, and to choose I would opt for this one more.

I also made several phone calls using the Philips headset, and I must admit that this one works really well for this type of activity. My recipients all made positive feedback on the quality of my calls. Although the sound of my voice was sometimes a little weak if I moved too far from the microphone. For my part, no hearing problems were faced while using this headphone. Obviously, the results will vary according to your environment, and a call spent in the middle of a station will of course not be as well rendered as posed to the calm on your sofa.


The Philips Fidelio M1 headphones is a success. I can say that it is a good headphone for your daily use. It is as comfortable for listening to music as for phone calls. They also offer good comfort and seem robust enough to resist the various vagaries of everyday life. The most audiophile of us will be able to find a sound not dynamic enough and basses a little too weak. Overall it offers an excellent ratio price/quality and is among the best headphones noise canceling audio On-Ear.

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