Monster Inspiration Active Noise-Canceling (Over-Ear) Review


  • Pros: The headphones Monster Inspiration are comfortable with a solid design along with the rich and detailed sound. It comes with three cables; two are integrated with a remote control and microphone for iOS and Android, a carrying case and an extra headband.
  • Cons: The headphones are relatively massive and expensive.
  • Briefly: The Monster Inspiration is an excellent combination of audio performance, comfort, insulation, and accessories. A very good product if you have an average budget.

Monster Inspiration Review

As you probably already know, Monster had originally partnered with Beats for the production of the famous “Beats by Dr. Dre”, all of which are widely known. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridges, and the two manufacturers now offer their separate range of headphones and headsets. Monster now offers several products including the Monster DNA and Monster Diamond Tears. Now on trial, the Inspiration model is clearly in direct competition with the products of its former partner.

Monster Inspiration Review

The Monster Inspiration is available in two versions, a classic version offering passive noise isolation headphones with its large headphones, and a second version incorporating an active noise reduction module. The two products are available in several different colors and to differentiate the classic model from the NC model; the active reduction model has metallic finishes on the lean sides and glossy headphones. In both cases, it is possible to personalize the headphones using headbands on the top of the headset and which can be interchanged. Many colors are available, and it will take between 15 € and 30 € per headband. They are not included in the box.

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As with many Bluetooth headphones, the level of comfort can vary widely depending on the size and shape of your head and ears. Some prefer rather tight headphones, others with a lot of padding on the arch or even particularly lightweight. Based on this observation, I will dismiss my personal point of view on the comfort of the Monster Inspiration and will offer you the feedback of some friends who have also benefited from the product.

The arch is relatively tighter than many other headphones that I could try, and this not only results in excellent insulation but also a reduced feeling of pressure on the top of the skull by the arch. People with slightly small heads will appreciate the comfort of the Monster Inspiration, while those with big heads might feel a little cramped. However, during our rapid trials on different people, there were no specific complaints.

The arch is well padded, but I did not find this one particularly pleasant to touch. Though there is no problem and it is very comfortable when you put it on your head. The headphone is however relatively heavy and will not be suitable if you want to practice exercise with these headphones on.


As compared to Beats headphones, the Monster is thought to be as well suited for home as on the go. Monster offers three different cables in the box, a standard one and two integrating a remote control and microphone for your voice calls. They allow you to directly manage the volume, tracks and answer the phone from your iOS or Android devices.

Sound performance

The first thing you need to know about the audio quality of the Monster Inspiration is that there is clearly no comparison between the sound signature of these and that of a “Beats by Dr. Dre”. Here, there is no exaggeration on the bass and treble but on the contrary, play on medium notes which offer a much warmer and natural sound. The tones are balanced beautifully, and there is no audio fidelity between the two products.

Sound performance of Monster Inspiration

With these characteristics, the Monster Inspiration is much more versatile and allows to take full advantage of a greater variety of music genres. It reminds me of Audio-Technica ATH-M50 in a way, which does not offer built-in microphone but is also cheaper.

Active or passive noise reduction?

While Beats targets a particularly young audience, Monster seems to be moving towards a more mature and professional audience. We could say, it is more like a Bose headphones (one thinks of the QC15 or AE2) or as a Beats headset. The sound profile, as well as the design, are clearly more neutral while keeping this touch of aggressiveness and a little emphasis on the bass.

I had the opportunity to compare the two models of the Inspiration range, and I found that the model with passive noise reduction – without the active reduction module – sounds a little better. Unsurprisingly, noise reduction tends to distort the sounds a bit. Note that it is possible to continue using the headset even when the battery of the module is flat, as it operates with two small batteries inserted inside the right earphone. Regarding the functionality, nothing much is to say, it worked well and added to the passive insulation which is great, we find ourselves in a bubble. We advise you to focus on this model only if you travel a lot or work in very noisy environments.


Today there are many models and manufacturers must make real efforts to stand out in the competition. With a very close price, I prefer the Audio Technica ATH M-50 for sound performance, but Monster’s headset is probably more suitable for mobile use.

It could also place it in direct competition with the Harman Kardon NC, which is lighter and also offers very good performance, like the Bowers & Wilkins P5.

To conclude, the Monster Inspiration headphone is a good product. It combines perfect comfort and good construction with a rich and detailed sound. We can only recommend it if you find it to your liking.

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