Monster DNA Complete Review (On-Ear Headphones)
Design 9
Features 7
Performance 7

With the Moster DNA, the company provides the headphone with a futuristic design very stylish and the correct performance at moderate volume

Summary 7.7 good


  • Pros: The headphone Monster DNA provides good sound performance at moderate volume, with bass and treble fixed nicely. It also has a remote control integrated into the cord and a microphone for voice calls. The cable is detachable and a second one comes with the headset.

  • Cons: Distortions and vibrations if the volume is pushed too high. Lack of comfort on long listening sessions.
  • Briefly: With its particularly modern design, the DNA is a headset with good performance, but we can still get a better sound level for less price.

Monster DNA Headphone Review

The partnership between Monster and Beats which began with the very famous “Beats by Dr. Dre”, no longer exists, and the two brands now have their separate exclusivities in headphones. The latest model of Monster is the DNA, a supra-aural headphone with a truly stylized design that can be personalized as it is offered in many colors. About the sound signature, we found explicitly powerful sound accentuated on low volumes, particularly suitable for pop music. A deliberate choice that will delight a lot but that will also panic the audiophiles in search of a precise and well-balanced sound. For them, we can only advise the Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pro.

Monster DNA Headphone Review

Design Review of the Monster DNA Headphone

The look of the new model of Monster is clearly innovative and radically changes what you can find in some sober competitors (think of the Bose AE2 or the Philips Fidelio M1). The headphones are triangular, where competitors instead opt for a circular or rectangular design (at Harman Kardon, for example). However, the pads remain circular. It is a supra-aural headphone, so it rests directly on your ears without completely encompassing them like an over-ear headphone. In addition to this rather nice look, there are dozens of color combinations available. You should not have trouble finding the one most suitable for your taste.

On the head, the Monster DNA is clearly not the most comfortable headphone I could try. After a few minutes, I felt a slight discomfort, especially in the ears. Indeed, the pads are very soft but lack a little thickness to my taste and therefore, can quickly become uncomfortable. At the level of the maintenance, not much to say, the headphone does not move, and it is a plus point.

In the packaging, two cables are supplied by Monster, a first incorporating a remote control with different buttons to manage your tracks and music volume as well as a microphone. A cable especially suited to those using their headphones with their Smartphones. The second is quite simple. If Monster provides two cables, it is obviously possible to detach them from the headphones, and this is a considerable advantage for the life of the DNA. Indeed, the break of the audio cord is a recurring problem on some models of headphones. It is often necessary to go through the SVA box or even replace your headphones. You will not have this problem here.

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In addition to the cables, there is also a protective bag in the box to store your Monster DNA for traveling. When storing, the headphones can be folded towards the inside of the headband so that the headset takes up less space.

Performance Review of the Monster DNA Headphone

On music with particularly deep bass, I noticed a few distortions in the sound, especially when increasing the volume. It is not unusual to see some tracks become a little messy with the volume at the high ends. Although it is not advisable to listen to music at this volume, one might expect better sound quality for a headphone in this price range. However, the distortion problems disappear if you listen at a moderate volume and give way to a very powerful bass response. So powerful that you can sometimes feel the headphones vibrate in the rhythm of the music. So, the more you reduce the volume, the more the music gets better, and you find a very dynamic sound with excellent results in high tones.

Performance Review of the Monster DNA Headphone

The headphones are intended for the general public and perfectly adapted to modern and popular music. By listening to the album of Jay-Z and Kanye West, it is a real pleasure if one remains at moderate volume. Moreover, it is not needed to increase the volume even when you are outdoors because the Monster DNA delivers good passive insulation for a supra-aural headphone. The headphone also allows reducing a good part of the external noises.

If you are a fan of big bass, then the audio quality of the DNA will perfectly suit your needs, others will instead move towards models such as the Sennheiser Momentum or the Bowers & Wilkins P3 for example. Note that Monster also offers the Inspiration model, more efficient but also more expensive.

The MusicShare featureĀ of the Monster DNA Headphone

One of the nice features of the Monster DNA is the “MusicShare” which, as it suggests from its name, enables you to share music directly from your Bluetooth headphones. There are two auxiliary ports, and it is, therefore, possible to use the second cord to connect it to other headphones and let your friend enjoy the music from the same source. This feature is a plus for this headset, especially when you want to watch a movie for two on the train or plane for example.


Despite that the audio quality is sometimes below from the competitors of its range, the Monster DNA remains a good product with an ultramodern design. This makes it stand out from the other headphones that are currently in the market, and if for you, performance is not the first criterion, then DNA is an interesting candidate.

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