Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones: Complete Reivew
Design 8
Features 8
Performance 8

With the Diamond Tears, Monster again offers a headphone with a very pronounced design and especially flashy

Summary 8.0 Excellent


  • Pros: The Monster Diamond Tears are headphones in a somewhat flashy design. With solid construction, rich sound and detailed bass, it provides decent audio performance along with its beautiful style. Add to this a protective cover and three cables (one standard, and two with remote control and microphone for iOS and Android), and you get a complete product.
  • Cons:  The price. The not necessarily suitable level of comfort if you have big ears.
  • Briefly: Even if at this price, you can find better-performing headphones, Diamond Tears is a great headphone and offers a unique design that should especially appeal to women. It is rare to find a headphone wagering much on its look in addition to such good audio quality.

Monster Diamond Tears Edge Review

Since its separation from Beats, Monster is offering more and more new models. After DNA and Inspiration now Diamond Tears is introduced in the market. A model with an eye-catching design that to my opinion is aimed, above all, at a female audience. It is a novelty among the audio products.

Monster Diamond Tears Edge Review


The Diamond Tears is expensive, and as often for this type of product, one pays for the brand and the ultra-stylish design. If for you, the appearance is not a priority, we rather advise you of models like the Harman Kardon NC or the Audio-Technica ATH M-50, which are cheaper and more efficient.

Sound performance

Besides the price, I appreciate this model of Monster, and would clearly prefer this one to the Monster DNA for example that I also had the opportunity to try. The Diamond Tears Edge offers a more balanced and neutral sound and is rather a surprise compared to the usual products of the same manufacturer or models like the Beats Studio. If you are accustomed to the heavy bass of the old models, you risk being a bit destabilized, but its sound signature is preferable. The basses remain present but are not exaggerated, and the sounds are clean and well opened for a closed best Bluetooth headphones.

We approach some competitors such as Bowers & Wilkins P7 or the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 which are without the match, but Diamond Tears is still more than acceptable.

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A headset with an eye-catching design

Obviously, for many people, sound performance is not the priority when buying a new headset, and manufacturers have understood it. For several years, they have been relying more on packaging, design, and functionalities before putting forward the sound quality of their different products. The Monster Diamond Tears is an example of the efforts made on the look, and we found these noise canceling headphones especially bling-bling (not in a bad way) with large heads in the form of a multi-faceted tear reflecting light. Not so obvious as to describe, I let you appreciate the different photos of the article.

The headphones clearly attract women, and all those I could show the Diamond Tears seemed to enjoy it. A little too flashy for men in general, who often go for more sober headphones, or to a little longer designated models like the Parrot Zik or the Sennheiser Momentum.

At the moment, the headphones are available on Amazon in two colors. The first in rather dark tones, between black and dark violet, and the second in a lighter, white and transparent tint. Monster, however, announced that other colors would be available soon.

Monster Diamond Tears Edge box

In the box, there are three different cables, one standard, and two others with a remote control and a microphone for your phone calls. It is thus possible to use the headset as a hands-free kit. Note that if you find two different cables, it’s just that one is reserved for iOS devices and the second one for Android devices and other Smartphones. A standard now at Monster, and it’s appreciated.

A soft silicone pouch is included in the package to carry your Monster Diamond Tears around. The headphones can be folded to save space. A “Monster Shine” spray and a “Monster Clean Cloth” are also provided to keep the headphones clean and sparkling. The marketing level at Monster might be truly one of the reasons behind the great success of their brand.

On the comfort level, the headphones are rather small and tight. If you have a big head or big ears, it may squeeze you. For the others, and especially of girls, this one should be perfectly adaptable and offer good comfort. The pads are thick and mold well around ears, and prolonged listening is not a problem.

The insulation is average; the sound comes out of the headphones. However, the passive insulation is relatively good and can eliminate much of the surrounding noise.

Finally, a specificity that was also found on the DNA model, the presence of 2 3.5mm jacks, one on each earphone. It is thus possible to connect a second headset or earphones to the remaining auxiliary port and to share your music with another person.


The reactions to the Monster Diamond Tears are diverse and varied. The girls are enchanted by the unique design offered by the headphones, while others might be repelled by its too flashy looks. Still, for a model taking the option of flashy design as with Beats or Audio Sync, here are the headphones which are also offering very good sound performances accompanied by good comfort, if you do not have a big head. Now comes the question of price, and that’s a small catch. For this price, it is possible to find more comfortable, more functional and more efficient headphones.

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