Design 9
Features 7
Performance 7

With the Marshall Monitor, the manufacturer attacks the circum-aural helmet market with brilliance. Solid performance and a very nice design!

Summary 7.7 good


  • Pros: The Marshall Monitor is a rather compact and well designed circum-aural (or Over-Ear) headphone. We especially like its sound signature offering a lot of punch and its fairly attractive price.
  • Cons: The sound lacks a bit of power and the headset may lack features compared to some other competitor models. The closing mechanism must be revised.
  • In Short: With its large headphones offering good insulation and sound performance more than adequate, the Monitor holds its rank of a high-end helmet at Marshall. Its retro style is particularly successful and construction very good.

Marshall Monitor Review

Marshall launched in 2010 the headphones market with the models Marshall Major and Marshall Minor. The first one was very successful thanks to its rather nice retro design and correct sound performance. Since 2013, the Monitor model is available and is placed in a very dense category. Directly opposed to models from Bose, Beats and other Sennheiser, getting a place in the sun is not easy as competition is tough and high-performance products.

You may not know, but Marshall’s headphones are not directly made by the manufacturer but by Zound Industries, a manufacturer that also handles the Urbanears, Molami or Coloud brands. However, if the Marshall Major had a design very similar to that of the Urbanears Plattan, the model to be reviewed today is indeed an exclusive collaboration between the famous brand of amp and Zound. So, in practice, is there finally a real product in the image of the performance of the brand? The answer is in the rest of our review.

Marshall Monitor Review

A more classic but very successful design

The new Marshall headphone offers a distinctly new design that is significantly different from other brand products in the industry (and other collaborations with Zound Industries). The program, therefore, broad oval headphones always very classical taking the classic style of products stamped Marshall. We mean vinyl leather and a whole lot of little retro details that make the manufacturer’s signature. The model Major was already nice but could do a little cheap, here the Premium aspect is clearly visible and one can only appreciate.

On the functional side, the cable is detachable (and therefore replaceable) and can be connected to each earphone. The headphones are foldable and allow to store and transport the headphone very easily while occupying a reduced space. I banged my fingers a bit by folding it back, so be careful the first time.

Comfort: a short adaptation time

As with the first models, during the first hours of listening to the headphone may seem a little tight and narrow, but this one relaxes rather quickly and offers afterward an excellent comfort. The cushions are sufficiently padded and do not hurt the ears even during prolonged interception, and the arch remains flexible enough to adapt to the different heads. Positioned around the neck, the headphone does not interfere at all and is positioned perfectly.

Marshall Monitor Review

Audio quality and performance

As can be expected from any product proudly displaying the Marshall logo, the sound quality is more than correct. Unlike the Marshall Major, the sound is much clearer and less rough, but the 40mm internal speakers always deliver a powerful sound while being much better balanced than its predecessors.

Of course with a closed headphone, the sound is rather accentuated on the low and very punchy. Rock fans should enjoy, just like fans of dubstep and drum & bass.

One of the peculiarities of the headphone is the possibility of removing a piece by unhooking the pads (hooked magnetically) in order to obtain a much more open sound, a little like a semi-open headphone. In practice, the sound becomes clearer and is quite pleasant when using Marshall Monitor in quiet places.


Marshall’s first circum-aural headphone is undeniably a good product. If products like the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro offer better sound performance, or many are attracted by the look of the Beats Solo HD, the Monitor remains a very good alternative. We appreciate its unique style, its great robustness, and its well-dosed basses. It is a very good deal and we will only recommend it.

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