Marshall Major Complete Review
Design 7
Features 7
Performance 8

The Marshall Major has a stylish retro design, good audio performance, and active noise isolation. For below average price, it’s a bargain

Summary 7.3 good

  • Positives: The Marshall Major headphones offers a unique and elegant design. The headphone has good isolation allowing it to cut you outside sounds but also to avoid that the people around you do not hear your music.
  • Negatives: The material vinyl pads retain heat, and prolonged listening can become unpleasant with a feeling of discomfort.
  • Briefly: With the Major, Marshall continues to live his legend and offers a light headphone, powerful and particularly stylish look.

Characteristics :

  • Supra-Aural
  • 40mm Speakers
  • Remote control and microphone
  • Foldable earphones for easy storage

Marshall Major Headphone Review

The Major is a Closed-type supra-aural headphone with active noise reduction functionality. It enables you to isolate yourself perfectly when you use it in noisy environments. The headphone offers excellent sound detail and a well-known coiled jack cable to the brand and reminiscent of the retro models. Besides small concerns of comfort in listening, there is not much to say about this model for its price.

Marshall Major Review

Marshall Major Review


Design and Features of Marshall Major Headphone

From the first glance, we find the signature of the leading professional audio and the headphone is reminiscent of the classic style of the speakers and other amps of the brand. On the outside of the headphones, there is the Marshall logo in white. Particular attention has been given to the look of the headphone and is clearly aimed at an urban public.


The materials used are very pure, whether it is a hoop or the large cushions particularly soft and comfortable. The headphones can be folded towards the inside of the headband, and it is thus very simple to store the headphone in a bag when it is no longer on your ears or around your neck.

However, it is regrettable that no protective cover or pocket is provided by the manufacturer in the packaging of the headphone, even if the latter seems very strong and resistant over time. Note that Marshall headphones come with a one-year warranty.

Performance of Marshall Major Headphones

Even if the Marshall Major is considered a supra-aural headphone, that is to say; it is placed directly on the ears, its closed design makes it an excellent choice if you want to limit outside noise when listening to Music in public transport or on the street. During my various tests, even by pushing the volume, the people at my side could not discern the music I was listening to, a positive point if you want a little privacy.

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The audio performance is rather good, with a very open and detailed sound. The instruments are dynamic and no matter what kind of music you like, the rendering is more than correct.


The Marshall Major headphone is an excellent choice if you want a model with a rather retro design and good performance in both audio and isolation. The 40mm speakers allow it to be at ease in all musical genres. We regret the problems of comfort when we keep this one a few hours on the ears and the absence of a cover. But for the price, we can only advise.

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