KEF M500 supra-aural headphone review
Design 8
Features 7
Performance 7

Perfect design, good sound performance, and formidable comfort, the KEF M500 should satisfy a lot!

Summary 7.3 good

KEF M500

  •  Positives: The KEF M500 is a supra-aural headphones sober and clean design offering an excellent comfort and a superb sound quality. Delivered with 2 cords, including one specific to Apple devices, the KEF headset can also be folded down easily for storage. 
  • Negatives: The price, as often with the headphones of this range. The sound could still be improved. The price is rather high. 
  • Summary: With the M500, KEF offers headphones of high quality. Offering comfort, design and sound quality of very good invoice, rarer bluetooth headphones, only the price will cool some. 


If you have never heard of the KEF brand, then you should know that it is an English manufacturer specialized in high-range speakers, generally of very good quality. Today, KEF takes advantage of its great expertise in the field of audio to enter the market headphones. Two models are already available, the M500 in the review here, and the M200 of which you can consult our opinion by contact form in the navigation of the site.

Review of KEF M500

Review of KEF M500


Design and Features

The first thing to say about the product is that we find it as one of the most comfortable headphones currently offered, and more specifically in the category of supra-aural headphones or “On Ear” (placed on the ears). The headset provides shape memory pads specifically designed to let your ears breathe and prevent them from heating up too. They also provide adequate isolation from outdoor noise (noise canceling headphones) without feeling too tight. The manufacturer promises comfort suited to everyone, with a headphone neither too wide nor too narrow, and the promise is rather held, I was pleasantly surprised by its comfort. Concerning the overall quality of the materials used as well as the finishes, KEF offers a lightweight headphone designed from aluminum that is easily folded on itself or flat for storage very easily in its supplied box.

A small note, however, there are small screws on the headphone arch, and I noticed that one of these began to unscrew after two weeks of slightly intensive use. Despite that, I was excited by the overall design of the M500, rather sleek and modern. In addition to the carrying case, the headset comes with two detachable cords, one with a remote control and a microphone so you can directly make and receive phone calls. Note that as with many models of headphones, the remote control works perfectly for iOS, but some features may not be adapted by Android or Windows Phone Smartphones. The microphone, however, will work regardless on your phone or tablet. The two cords are flat and reinforced and can be detached automatically in case of an incident so as not to damage the headphone.

Design and Features KEF M500

Design and Features


Audio Performance

Let us now turn to the sound performance of the headphones. Compared to the KEF M200, I found that the new headphone from the manufacturer proposed a slightly more pronounced sound at the level of the deepest bass. The sound is of good quality without being exceptional, and in the idea, I find the M200 a little more precise and detailed. However, the sound quality is already very good, and the sound is balanced no matter what kind of music you listen to. During my various reviews, I compared the KEF M500 the new Beats Studio, a direct competitor in the same price range. Unlike the M500, the Beats offer active noise reduction and more powerful bass, but the KEF headphones offer a more accurate sound in my opinion.

If I had to choose between the two purely and simply based on audio quality, my choice would lean for the headphone in review today.If you are looking for an active reduction headphones noise, opt for the Beats or QuietConfort 15 Bose. To continue the comparison with other models of headphones, and although the sound of the M500 is seen as a very good bill but it does not reach the quality of a Sennheiser Momentum. However, on the level of comfort, it will have the advantage.


Nowadays, to choose an audio headset is not simply based on the sound quality of it, but on the combination of its audio performance, comfort, functionality, and finishes. Concerning the KEF M500, I found the audio performance of very good quality without being totally packed. The sound is precise and well balanced but remains below certain models reviewed recently. However, it has other advantages, mainly regarding its comfort, which allows you to listen to your favorite playlist for long hours without any worry.

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