JBL Everest 700 Review
Design 7
Features 7
Performance 8

The new JBL Everest 700 is a powerful Bluetooth headphone, but still just in terms of functionality and comfort

Summary 7.3 good


  • Pros: The Everest 700 has a sleek design and sound performance that should delight lovers of high bass. Good point on the side of the autonomy, rather consistent, and controls well integrated with the atria.
  • Cons: The lack of comfort of the arch largely encroaches on the pleasure of listening and the general comfort of the headphone. There are also few functionalities, including the absence of an ANC module.

In Short: JBL here offers a lighter version of its Elite 700 model, removing some key points that could differentiate it from the competition. Without a dedicated application or ANC, the Everest 700 becomes a classic Bluetooth headphone, with a nice design and good sound performance, but a questionable comfort for the price displayed.


  • Circular-auricular Bluetooth headphone
  • Shape Memory Pads
  • Inward foldable earbuds
  • Up to 25 hours of operation
  • ShareMe 2.0 functionality

JBL EVEREST 700 2017

JBL Everest 700 Review

The JBL Everest 700 (Check Discount Price) is a spearhead of the manufacturer’s new line and comes in the form of a Bluetooth-compatible ear-shaped headphone. With a design that is clearly oriented towards a young target, like the models of Beats, the Everest 700 promises an excellent comfort and a “legendary” sound to take up the terms of the brand.

Faced with big competitors such as the Bose SoundLink II, the Parrot Zik 3 or the Plantronics BackBeat Pro, the Everest 700 will have a lot to do to win in a particularly competitive sector.

JBL Everest 700 Review


The headphone is offered in a rather classic packaging, with a first cover displaying on its front a large picture of the headphone. The main features are shown at the rear, where one finds in particular that the model is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, that it has a microphone with reduction of echo or of a autonomy announced of 25 hours.

Unboxing JBL Everest 700

Under this cover, there is a large box containing the headphone and its accessories. The Everest 700 itself is well-capped and protected in a plastic molding, under which one discovers a Micro-USB cable to recharge the internal battery, a cable 3.5mm for the listening wired as well as all the usual paperwork. There is no carrying pouch, which is regrettable for a headphone which comes at this price.

Unboxing JBL Everest 700

Design & Ergonomics

Just like the Beats headphones, recently launched under the Apple muse, the JBL Everest 700 stands out with a massive design that does not go unnoticed when placed on the ears. Despite a construction mainly made of plastic, the whole appears rather solid and durable at first sight.

Available in black or white colors, it has beautiful finishes and clean lines, thanks to the absence of assembly marks (no visible screws). Overall, and despite its size, it remains far less patchy than some competitors.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

The headphone is constructed around a plastic hoop that provides good flexibility, with a plastic cover stamped on the top of the JBL logo. Its inner part is covered with a soft-touch coating very pleasant to the touch, giving good adhesion once on the head. However, the padding is far too thin for our taste and does not bring the comfort that one would expect from a top-of-the-range headphone.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

At the end of the hoop, a sliding system makes it possible to adjust the size of the headphone according to the different morphologies. Several brands make it easy to find the setting that works well and most users should be able to wear the JBL Everest 700 without worry.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

Also note that a hinge to fold the earcups towards the inside of the arch is in the program, so that you can easily store the headphone in a backpack while you are transporting. As explained above, a pity that a protective case is not at the rendezvous in this version (only on the Elite 700 model).

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

At the end of the arch, the outer shells of the atria are built in one piece, offering a rather sober appearance to the whole. The manufacturer’s logo is on each side.

Several buttons are positioned on these shells, with on the left the volume management and a multifunction button that can be used to play/pause music, move from one track to another or manage its phone calls. On the right side, additional buttons for turning headphones on or off, activating Bluetooth pairing, or sharing music to another Bluetooth headphone via the ShareMe 2.0 feature.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

The headphones are mounted on a swivel head allowing them to be slightly swiveled to adjust to suit their preferences. They feature particularly thick padding, built using memory foam pads. Finally, a coating of imitation leather of a very correct quality comes to cover the whole. At the ear spacing, count about 62 mm high for 40 mm wide, making a headphone a bit just for larger ears.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

On the right earpiece is also the headphone connection, with the presence of a micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm mini jack to use the wired headphone when the battery is flat.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700
Once on the head, the comfort of the JBL Everest 700 is not really up to the ads of the manufacturer. If the cushions actually provide more than adequate comfort due to thick foams and homogeneous pressure points, other defects are quickly felt. Indeed, the reduced space and the large padding contribute to a rather important heating after a few tens of minutes of listening. The biggest defect remains without hesitation the arch, which cruelly lack of padding while distributing badly the weight of the headphone (274 g). In the end, we have to regularly make poses and as far as we are concerned, impossible to keep more than two hours the headphone on the ears.

Design & Ergonomics JBL Everest 700

Use and additional features

Although it is possible to use the JBL Everest 700 in wired mode thanks to the cable provided in the box, its main use remains obviously wireless. For this, the headphone is compatible with the standard Bluetooth 4.1, allowing to enjoy music or movies without a cord.
When the headphone is first started, the headphone is automatically set to pairing mode. Then simply search for the Everest 700 in the list of available devices from the Smartphone or Tablet menus to establish the connection. During the next use, the connection will then be done automatically.
The headphone does not have an NFC chip, making it possible to establish a direct connection simply by approaching its compatible device. It’s a pity, when we know that some headphone around $50 offer this option.

Use and additional features JBL Everest 700
The new Everest 700, the possibility to share its music to a second headphone compatible with Bluetooth. The option is called ShareMe 2.0, and although it’s a small gadget, it can be useful. One imagines in particular for the viewing of a film or a series from a tablet in the train, where it becomes then possible to benefit two.
Not much more on the side of the features, if not as explained a little higher the presence of a built-in microphone so that you can use the headphone in the manner of a hands-free kit. A button on the headphone allows you to easily hang up a call without having to take out your smartphone.

Sound performance and autonomy

Place now to listen to music. On this side, the JBL Everest 700 performs rather well and delivers convincing sound performance. The manufacturer’s experience in terms of audio quality is quickly felt once the headphones are on the ears and we clearly take pleasure in rediscovering its favorite titles.
Bass lovers should find their happiness with the Everest 700, the latter being clearly to their advantage over the sound spectrum. Without suffocating the other frequencies, they are deep and perfectly mastered. A real treat!

Sound performance and autonomy JBL Everest 700
The other frequencies are not forgotten, since the mediums are rather rich, with many details. In the midst of the lowest frequencies, the vocal parts emerge without hesitation.
The other good point of the headphone is its power. Compared to some competitors, it is possible to push the model of JBL in its entrenchments without deteriorating the quality of its music.

Sound performance and autonomy JBL Everest 700
All in all, not much to blame the headphone, the spectrum should ideally fit the target of JBL, the young listeners listening. Too bad that the model 700 is not compatible with the application JBL, like its big brother the Elite 700.
On the side of the autonomy, count about 25 hours of wireless listening with the headphone. A very correct figure, placing this one on the top of the table on this point. Keep in mind that depending on the volume of listening, the autonomy may vary by a few hours.

JBL Everest 700 vs Everest Elite 700

JBL offers two versions of its top-of-the-range headphone, a classic version we are testing today, and a second named Elite 700 with additional features. The Elite version actually incorporates an active noise canceling module to better isolate itself from the outside world. A great advantage if you are used to listening to your music in public transport or in noisy offices.
In addition to the ANC module, the Elite version is compatible with the mobile application of the manufacturer. Available on iOS and Android, it allows to manage several options of the headphone, like Parrot and its different versions of the headphone Zik. It then becomes possible to adjust its equalizer, manage the power of the noise canceling (or on the contrary to activate the microphones to remain attentive to the environment) but also to activate the True Note technology. In theory, it adapts the sound reproduction according to the analysis of the ear flap.

JBL Everest 700 vs Everest Elite 700
For the rest, the two headphones are identical in terms of design. In our opinion, the model Elite 700 is clearly worth the blow, especially since a carrying bag is also present on this version.


After a good ten days at his side, the JBL Everest 700 (Discount Price) emerges as a beautiful alternative to the most popular Bluetooth headphones of the moment. However, it remains difficult to totally recommend this version because of an overly uncomfortable arch and a lack of functionality compared to the competition or the Elite 700 version.
We can now find better, especially on the Plantronics side with the BackBeat Pro model or with Parrot with the old model Zik 2. The 700 is nonetheless a very good headset, especially in terms of sound performance and its autonomy, two essential points in the choice of a Bluetooth headset.

JBL EVEREST 700 2017

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