Design 8
Features 8
Performance 8

The Jabra Move Wireless is a very good Bluetooth headphone for its price! Comfortable, discreet and efficient!

Summary 8.0 Excellent


  • Pros: The Jabra Move Wireless offers sleek, comfortable design combined with very good performance at a much lower price than some competitors.
  • Cons: Cannot fold the headphones flat or inward. We also regret the lack of a carrying case and some latency in Bluetooth mode.

In Short: If you have a tight budget but want to enjoy your music without the hassle of cable, the new Jabra Bluetooth headphone is probably the best choice today.


  • Supra-Aural Bluetooth Headphone
  • Loudspeakers 40mm
  • More than 8 hours of listening time
  • Controls on the earphones
  • Compact and lightweight

Jabra Move Wireless 2017

Jabra Move Wireless Review

The Bluetooth headphones sector is evolving in its last years, and it is not difficult now to find wireless products rivaling their wired companion. Enabling you to fully enjoy your music without the clutter of the least cable, you can easily understand their success, especially for those who usually lug their music everywhere.
With its Jabra Move Wireless (check discount price), the Scandinavian manufacturer offers a product that is simple to use, robust, efficient and especially particularly affordable compared to the competition. Available for less than 100 bucks on most online stores, it is clearly cheaper than products like the Bose SoundLink On-Ear or the Beats Solo2 Wireless.

Jabra Move Wireless Review

So we spent some time with the newborn of Jabra, and you will find our full and imagined return below.

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The Jabra Move is available in a rigid cardboard box with a distinctly clean look. On the front, there is simply a picture of the product and the name of the product below.

Unboxing Jabra Move Wireless

The back side of the box is just as simplistic, with only a second picture of the headphone, in profile this time.
On the slice, we still find some information about the product. One learns in particular that its autonomy should be able to reach the 8 hours of listening or that commands and a microphone are directly integrated into the auricles of the headphone.

Unboxing Jabra Move Wireless

The back cover is actually a cover that can be opened. Again, Jabra plays the sobriety card (maybe too?) With no additional information inside the cover. The headphone is firmly seated in a foam mold, protected by a rigid transparent plastic.
Unpacking all this, besides the headphones, of course, there is also inside the box a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB/Micro-USB cable to recharge the built-in battery (without AC adapter) and a manual Quick start and warranty booklet.

Unboxing Jabra Move Wireless

You will understand, no carrying pouch in the box of the Jabra Move Wireless, and it is rather a shame for a headphone that is supposed to accompany us everywhere. Obviously, difficult to really resent the Danish manufacturer seen the price displayed for his new Bluetooth headphone.

Design and comfort

Available in red, blue or black, the Move features a simple yet elegant design. No extravagance on our side, since the version we are reviewing today is black.
As for its box, the product of Jabra is thus clearly purified. Particularly compact, this includes a supra-aural headphone. The ear cups, therefore, come directly to the ears, rather than enclosing them entirely as a circum-aural model.

Design and comfort Jabra Move Wireless

The headphone has a relatively thin arch but in practice is seen to be solid and flexible thanks to an armature made of stainless steel. The top of it is covered with a black mesh, while a gray mesh covers the inside of the arch. The whole is obviously padded in order to bring a good comfort once placed on the base of your skull. The thickness of the latter is, however, relatively thin and it is not certain of the result over the long term.

Design and comfort Jabra Move Wireless
At the end of the arch, the height of the atria can be adjusted simply by pulling on the metal rods holding the latter. There is no notch, but once the right size is found, the stems will not move. It will be necessary to pull relatively strong to dislodge them and to put it back in the first uses. Between the rods, one can also see a fine cable coming to connect the headphones.

Let us now turn to the atria. The latter as explained a little higher are meant compact and discrete. If they can swivel slightly from right to left, it is regrettable that it is not possible to adjust them a little more precisely as on some competitors, notably by allowing a few degrees of inclination from top to bottom.

The outer shell of the earphones does not display any huge logo as a model from Beats but instead presents a relatively thin text coming around the headphone. “Sound Design by Jabra” on this one.

Design and comfort Jabra Move Wireless
Different controls and connectors are placed on both headphones. The right-hand side has a micro-USB port to charge the Jabra Move Wireless battery and a switch that will be used to turn on the headphone or activate the Bluetooth pairing mode. A LED also indicates the status of the headphone (charging, Bluetooth mode etc).
On the left side there is a multifunction button that will allow you to manage your music and phone calls (see below) and a 3.5mm port to use the headphone in wired mode (if you Battery or simply if your playback device is not Bluetooth compatible).

Design and comfort Jabra Move Wireless

On the comfort side, the ear pads have a memory foam padding rather thin. We would have liked something a little thicker and mellow, although in practice once on the ear the headphone is quickly forgotten. With a particularly light weight (150g on the balance), no problem of comfort even appears on prolonged intervals of more than 2 or 3 hours.

Design and comfort Jabra Move Wireless

The outfit is also fairly good, the hoop exerting sufficient pressure to hold the headphone properly even during abrupt movements. Athletes will be delighted to learn that it is perfectly possible to run with the Wireless Move on the ears, unlike the Philips Fidelio NC1 recently reviewed.

Design and comfort Jabra Move Wireless

In the end, the design of the new Jabra headphone is therefore rather successful, although the manufacturer has decided to ignore a relatively important point: folding. Indeed, the headphones can neither pivot flat, nor fold towards the inside of the arch. Yet it is something that we find today on a large majority of products in the sector and although the Move Wireless is very compact and can easily be thrown in your backpack, we regret anyway even this absence.

Functionality and controls

If the Jabra Bluetooth headphone does not have an NFC module, its connection is still very simple and fast. After turning on the headphone and switching on the wireless connection mode, a voice prompt tells you what to do next.
Nothing new here, just go to the list of Bluetooth devices available from your Smartphone or tablet and then select “Jabra Move”. The connection is then practically instantaneous, accompanied by a voice confirmation.

Functionality and controls Jabra Move Wireless

Thereafter, the headphone automatically recognizes the devices to which it is already connected, and therefore no need to repeat this step again.
As is often the case on Bluetooth headphones, several controls are directly available on the earbuds as we saw a bit higher. A multifunctional button (similar to a 3-in-1 button) allows different actions:

  • A simple press to play/pause your music. If you receive a phone call, you will also need to press the key to pick up or hang up.
  • Decrease/Increase the volume by pressing the button up or down several times.
  • Switch from one track to another by holding down the same buttons.
  • Know the battery status by clicking a volume button (you will need to pause your music beforehand).
  • Pressing and holding the center of the button opens Siri (or other voice assistants).

Functionality and controls Jabra Move Wireless

If this button on the paper allows you to perform all the necessary actions to manage your music and phone calls, it turns out to be moderately convenient to use.
You often find yourself moving to the next track or returning to the previous track when you only want to increase or decrease the volume. In general, it is enough to press a button twice to navigate the tracks, but here the fact of keeping the button, on the contrary, seems a bit unnatural. Also, the buttons are very small and will require a little adjustment time if you have “big” fingers.

Bluetooth range

Jabra announces an autonomy of up to 8 hours in listening and 12 days in standby. In practice, these numbers obviously vary according to the volume, of listening. At moderate volume however, we exceeded the promised 8 hours, which is rather good sign. Also note that you can continue to enjoy your music if the battery is flat, simply by connecting the Move Wireless via the audio cable already present in the box.
Allow a little less than two hours to fully charge the headphone battery.
On the side of the range, the Bluetooth 4.0 allows, in theory, to move away from its Smartphone until about ten meters. In practice, however, once again the results were even better than those announced, with a range exceeding 20m.

Bluetooth range Jabra Move Wireless

Sound performance

Like the vast majority of its competitors, the Jabra Move Wireless boasts 40mm speakers inside its headphones. Combined with DSP technology, the sound is surprisingly warm and balanced for the price of the headphones.
On tracks with powerful and deep bass, the small supra-aural model of Jabra has no difficulty in keeping the length and does not present any distortion even by pushing the volume. However, the rest of the frequencies are not crushed and everything is finally rather well balanced.

Sound performance Jabra Move Wireless

The immersion is also very good, and this is again a good surprise. The instruments are all positioned very precisely, offering a beautiful scenic width to your favorite tracks.
By comparing the rendering to that of a high-end headphone (which is not the case of the Move), it is true that the definition of treble and mediums is a little behind, but honestly nothing really annoying for The vast majority of users. The voices are perfectly eligible.
Only negative point concerning the audio quality of the Move Wireless, its latency. Indeed, if this is ultimately not very troublesome for listening to music, it is another story when playing movies or series from a tablet. The voices will tend to undergo a slight lag, which in practice often proves painful. We can only advise you to connect the headset in these situations.

Sound performance Jabra Move Wireless
Last point, concerning the microphone integrated in the headphone. If during the phone calls you will be able to hear your interlocutor perfectly, it will unfortunately not necessarily the case of his side. As is often the case with these products, the microphone is not the most efficient and cannot filter the external noise correctly. If the quality will suffice if you are quiet at home, it will not really be the case in the street.


Clearly, the market for Bluetooth headphones cruelly lacked excellent product under $100 mark. It is now done with the arrival of the Jabra Move Wireless (Check Discount Price). With a robust and compact design, it can accompany you everywhere for long hours with its more than correct and its controls directly accessible from its earpieces.
Discreet and comfortable when placed on the ears, audio quality is also at the rendezvous since the headphone offers a sound homogeneous, warm and dynamic.
In short, you will understand, if you are looking for an effective Bluetooth headphone and you do not want to ruin Bose, Parrot or Beats, go with your eyes closed.

Jabra Move Wireless 2017

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