BOSE QuietControl 30 Complete Review
Design 8
Features 9
Performance 8

The Bose QuietControl 30 efficiently combines Bluetooth with active noise cancelling. A real happiness in the ears!

Summary 8.3 Excellent


  • Pros: The new Bose QuietControl 30 cousins now benefit from a Bluetooth connection without compromising on active noise cancelling. The earpieces are always comfortable, and the sound performance remains top notch. We also liked the good autonomy.
  • Cons:  Neckwear will not necessarily suit all users, especially those looking for a really compact product. The noise cancelling seems slightly lower, despite the new possibilities for adjustments. Headphones cannot be used as wired and the mobile application could have more features.
  • In short: We have been waiting for the replacement of the Bose QC20 for a while, and now QC 30 has finally arrived. With this new choice in terms of design, the QuietControl 30 has a wireless connection which brings lot real more to use. An excellent product.


  • In-Ear Headphones
  • Neck design
  • Bluetooth connection – NFC chip
  • Active noise cancelling module
  • Autonomy 10 hours
  • Protective zipper case



Bose QuietControl 30 Review

A few months ago, we presented the excellent headphone Bose QuietComfort 35, the wireless evolution of the famous Bose QC 25. Unsurprisingly, it is now the turn of the headphones of the brand to undergo a similar transition, with the arrival of the new Bose QuietControl 30. Without coming to replace the excellent but aging Bose QuietComfort 20, this new pair finally announces the arrival of Bluetooth headphones with an active noise canceling system.

Bose QuietControl 30 Review

We have been waiting for this product for a while, and it has finally allowed us to get rid of the allergic headphones and cables, to enjoy the music without undergoing the surrounding noises. For this new model, Bose makes the choice of a design in the neck, thus cutting radically with its previous pair of noise cancelling. A construction that makes sense here, since it makes it easy to integrate the electronic part of the ANC module as well as the battery needed for wireless operation.

Can these Bose QuietControl 30 (Latest price) become a new benchmark in the sector? Keep reading for the answer


Neck design complies, the packaging of the Bose QC30 which is clearly more imposing than that of a classic pair of headphones. A cardboard cover has a large photo of a headphone on its front and the main features of the product on the back. It reveals that the headphones are designed to work both with iOS devices and Android, but also with additional photos.

unboxing Bose QuietControl 30

Once the cover is raised, a cardboard box unfolds and offers direct access to the headphones, perfectly locked in a plastic mold. Below are the different accessories:

  • Two pairs of additional bits,
  • A micro-USB cable for charging,
  • A hard protective case
  • The usual paperwork.

We quickly notice the absence of a 3.5 mm audio cable, confirming our suspicions of a use reserved only for wireless.

unboxing Bose QuietControl 30

Design and Ergonomics

Over the last few months, we are seeing more and more wireless headphones opting for a neckband design. We could mention the newest Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless (Check the latest price )With its new QuietControl 30, Bose is also making the choice of this rather atypical construction, and it must be admitted that it is not always the unanimity with the users.

Unlike the traditional in-ear format, the neckband headphones are actually much larger, and one of the main advantages of these products is lost in comparison to traditional headphones. Here, and although the set remains very light and discreet, no more question of putting the pair in a ball in the inside pocket of the jacket.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

A little more detail, we find a construction in two parts. The first is in the shape of a rigid plastic hoop whose very flexible rear part will allow the headphones to easily adjust according to the different morphologies and layers of clothes that were worn. You will have understood, it is this part that will come to position itself around the neck and rest on the clavicles.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

The inner part is covered with a soft-touch coating that is pleasant to the touch, improving the overall comfort of the hoop when positioned. As will be seen below, this coating does not, however, prevent the band from turning on itself.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

The headband integrates both the headphones battery but also all its electronic part (noise cancelling obligatory), we found a micro-USB port for recharging. The power button is also positioned on the inside of the pole. Once the QC30 is switched on, the same button can be used to check the remaining battery life. Note the absence of a port 3.5 mm, making it impossible to use the headphone in a wired way. A real problem if one wishes to use the headphones with the connectors present in the planes.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

Each earpiece is connected to the headband via a cable of about fifteen centimeters, and clearly, no risk of seeing the slightest knot here. On the rear side of the earbuds, there are numerous perforations, which make it possible in practice for the different microphones to effectively pick up the sounds which will then be canceled via the noise canceling module. The earpieces are not as discreet as those presented on the Bose SoundTrue Ultra earphones, but the package is still much more compact than the Bose SoundSport Pulse.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

On the side of the tips, we find the usual StayHear brand. Genuine models in terms of comfort and maintenance, these silicon earpieces make the Bose earphones to be among the most pleasant in the industry. Note that these are not in-ear headphones, but rather semi-intras that will simply place themselves at the entrance of the channels. A great advantage for all users who have difficulty supporting the intras for long periods of listening.

The positioning of the headphones is perfectly secured by the fins and the positioning is carried out very intuitively. Once again, all the good that had already been said about these bits remains topical with the Bose QuietControl 30. In order to adjust to the majority of users, the brand offers three different sizes.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

Once in place, the headphones and the headband are quickly forgotten. The set is lightweight and does not cause any discomfort when wearing. Nevertheless, due to this ergonomic choice, the system adapts less to certain situations, in particular when wearing a scarf. Similarly, the arch itself may tend to pivot and sometimes needs to be refocused.

The same goes for the practice of sports, where the neckband headphones often show their limits. The fans of running will not necessarily find their account, the arch having the annoying tendency to bounce on the clavicles at each stride. To push the cast iron, however, it should do so without too much trouble, even if we always recommend headphones specially designed for sportsmen.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

Headphones can be removed from the ears without necessarily requiring direct storage. It is possible to leave the atria hanging from the arch, and it must be admitted that it is quite practical to use. The brand could have pushed the idea a little further by adding a magnetic system to secure the two headphones to each other, like the recent NuForce BE Sport 3.

To manage the music, a remote control is positioned on the cable connecting the right earpiece to the headband. Easy to access, there are first three main buttons to adjust the volume, to move from one track to another or to pick up a phone call. On the slice, two additional buttons allow for varying the intensity of the active cancelling of the noise, hence the name QuietControl.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

In use, the actions respond perfectly and without latency, however a positioning of these commands directly on the arch could have made more sense. Indeed, when one wishes to reach a command, the remote control tends to pull on the earpiece, and if the latter never leaves the ear, it will naturally reposition it perfectly.

We finish with the protective sleeve of these Bose QC30. Since headphones are relatively fragile products, the manufacturer adds a zipped and rigid case capable of perfectly protecting them during transport. Obviously, the set is much more imposing than the cases usually delivered with the headphones, but the case can easily slip into a bag.

Design and Ergonomics Bose QuietControl 30

Features and Active Noise Cancelling

As you can see, Bose’s new headphones have two flagship features:

We start with the Bluetooth, which for the occasion associated with an NFC chip to facilitate its pairing. Clearly, if you have a compatible smartphone, you simply have to approach the headphones of your device to establish the connection between them. For others, it will be enough to come to select the QuietControl 30 from the corresponding menu on the smartphone, tablet or the laptop.

Features and Active Noise Reduction Bose QuietControl 30

The earphones are capable of storing up to 8 different devices and automatically reconnecting after the initial pairing. As on many products, it is also possible to connect the QC30 to two sources simultaneously, for example to the laptop and the smartphone. To switch from one to the other, simply pause the first source and then start the second. The change is done automatically if a phone call is received.

Features and Active Noise Reduction Bose QuietControl 30

As for the range, count about ten meters before perceiving cuts of the signal. No Bluetooth 5.0 for these headphones, the new standard is still very new.

We will now come to the active cancelling of the noise of headphones. As a reminder, this feature contributes significantly to the isolation of headphones by electronically removing a large part of the noise present around you. Here, and unlike the QC20 earphones, it is possible to manage the attention on different levels. We can thus more or less isolate ourselves according to the situations. For example, for use in the open street, it is advisable to reduce noise suppression in order to remain attentive to the environment.

In practice, insulation of the QC30 works very efficiently and effectively and cuts off a large part of the external noise. The cancelling however seems slightly less than that proposed by the old model, it is not able to compete with that of headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 or the Sony MDR-1000X.

Features and Active Noise Reduction Bose QuietControl 30

However, it will be able to significantly reduce background noise in a train or plane, or the hubbub of an open-space. As often, the functionality is a little more difficult when it comes to sharper frequencies, but it remains overall very convincing, especially if you have never had the opportunity to test this type of functionality.

Let’s finish with some notes about the Bose Connect mobile app. Available free on iOS and Android, it allows to manage some options of the headphones but ultimately bring little added value to the product.

Since this last one, it will be possible to manage the devices registered in Bluetooth, to adjust the level of the noise cancelling, to rename the headphones or to check the remaining autonomy. We would have liked to see options to customize the equalizer, a little like what Jaybird offers with its Freedom headphones.

Sound performance

Now places the sound performance of these new QuietControl headphones. As usual, there is no question of you displaying frequency curves, but only a feeling of our listening after ten days the headphones sunk into the ears.

Overall, the QC30s offer a more than correct rendering and are not particularly demanding when listening. This means that it is not necessary to opt for the best possible sources for enjoying a generally acceptable quality of listening. You should not expect a perfectly faithful reproduction with a Bluetooth connection anyway.

Sound performance Bose QuietControl 30

As is often the case with Bose products, the headphones slightly accentuate the bottom of the spectrum and have deep basses but relatively well mastered. They bring a certain dynamism to many titles, without however encroaching on the mediums and especially the vocal parts. The latter are, moreover, well transcribed.

At the top of the spectrum, and unlike the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless, the treble sound is slightly less detailed but has the advantage of less aggressing during extended listening. At moderate volume, it is possible to enjoy his music for several hours without feeling the fatigue.

Sound performance Bose QuietControl 30

Overall, there is a sound signature quite similar to other brand products, and the regular Bose products should be there.


Last point before we finish with our review of the QuietControl 30, the autonomy. On this side, the headphones are doing pretty well since it is possible to enjoy its music for about ten hours with the active noise cancelling.

This is obviously one of the advantages of models with a choker around the neck, benefiting from a more imposing battery. For recharging, it takes place via USB and requires a good hour.


By combining wireless connection with active noise canceling, the new Bose QuietControl 30 should quickly become a favorite among nomadic music lovers. If everything is not perfect, including the inability to use wired headphones and a neck design that does not fit all situations, the pair remains overall more than convincing.

The active insulation works perfectly, the StayHear tips are always as comfortable, the sound performance more than correct, and the autonomy is great. A great success (discount price), which is however paid the price.

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