Design 9
Features 9
Performance 9

The Bose QC25, for QuietComfort25, takes the main lines of the famous QC15 active noise canceling headphones. A real success!

Summary 9.0 Excellent


  • Pros: The Bose QC25 offers ultra-comfortable design, crisper, more dynamic sound than the previous version, and a slightly improved and very effective noise reduction mechanism. We appreciate the new way of folding the headphone which makes it fit into a smaller carrying case. Also note that if the battery falls flat, the music does not stop right away.

  • Cons:  Fairly expensive.
  • In Short: The Quiet Comfort 25  headphones comes with a Bose headphone which is already excellent in terms of noise canceling, to raise it even higher. One can only recommend if you want to enjoy your songs or movies without being disturbed by the surrounding noises.


  • Circum-Aural
  • Active Noise-canceling
  • Loudspeakers 60mm
  • Remote control with built-in microphone

Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 Review

If you wonder how QuietComfort 25 headset is better than the QuietComfort 15, the model it replaces is difficult to quantify. But one thing is certain: it is better.
Although the two models have a family look, Bose says the QC 25 headphone – is completely redesigned, with improved audio performance and noise reduction, as well as a better folding mechanism that allows making it fit into a more compact carrying case.

Bose QuietComfort QC25 Review

Design, comfort, and accessories

Another slight but important change is the shape of the arch. Bose modified it to fit closer to the head so that space was reduced under the arch. And it should be mentioned that the arch is covered with an “industrial grade fabric used in the advanced automobile”. The soft leather ear cushions offer the same sensation of sensuality as their predecessors and Bose says the hinge or “pivot” in the atria is made of “molded zinc”.
I will not say that the QC25 offers anything more in terms of comfort than the QC15, but like this model, it is a very comfortable headphone. Overall, it looks a bit stocky, with a detachable cable thicker. Also, the molded zinc pivot quoted above seems better designed.
The construction still features a lot of plastic, but Bose seems to have found a good balance between lifetime, weight, and comfort level. Yes, the headphone could have an even better life, but it would then be too heavy. This model (without the cable) weighs 196 grams.

Design, comfort and accessories bose qc 25

Like the QC15, the QC25 is powered by a single AAA battery that gives it up to 35 hours of battery life. But the new thing is that when the battery is flat, the music continues. The sound is a bit weird without power – “weak” is probably the best qualifier – but at least you can get sound with the QC25 if, for example, it goes off in the middle of a long flight. (I would not really listen to it if I did not have to.)
In terms of extras, you have an integrated remote control and a microphone to accept calls arriving on recent models of iPod, iPhone, and iPad, as well as “luxury” smartphones. The key thing to know is that some remote control options may not work with Android and Windows devices, but the microphone will work (the call quality was good).

Design, comfort, and accessories bose qc 25

The case seems about 30% smaller than that of QC15. This is virtually what you will find for a large-sized headphone – but if you’re looking for a noise-reducing headset that takes up virtually no space in a bag, then the QuietComfort 20 is for you.
I appreciated the fact that the QC25 has pockets for storing an extra battery and the included two-pin adapter for the airplane. In addition, inside the case is a diagram that shows how the headphone must be folded to fit into the case (believe me, that serves). And it’s very good that Bose thought of putting two big “R” and “L” on the inside of the earcups so that they could be distinguished quickly.

Performance: better sound and improved reduction

There are two flagship indicators for this type of headphone: overall sound quality and noise reduction efficiency. Let’s start with the second one. We played the noise recorded in the cabin of an aircraft in our audio room and alternated between QC25 and QC15. None has completely blocked the sound of the device, but the QC25 has managed a little better. I actually noticed a little bit more pressure on my ears, which can bother some people more than others. In my view, the pressure is only noticeable when there is no music playing. If you have sensitive eardrums, this can be unacceptable – but this will apply to any noise-reducing headset, not just Bose’s.
Here is what happens with the sound. The Bose QC25 really has a more thrilling sound than the QC 15. It is clearer and sharper, and the bass is more precise, giving a pretty crisp headset that makes sound faster, more direct than its predecessor.

Performance: better sound and improved reduction bose qc25

The QC 15 has a “High-Low” switch on the headphone cable that allows you to control the volume. This is missing in Bose QC 25 headphone, so you are virtually stuck in Fort mode. Some will find it impossible to choose a low volume disabling, but that did not bother me at all because I always listened to the QC 15 in Fort mode.
Sometimes you feel the sound approaches the limit of hardness, but stop just before it reaches. For example, by listening to “Who Needs You” from the Orwells, it would not take much to make it too intense. Same with “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb “by Spoon, with its tambourine which punctuates the whole piece and which is almost too accentuated, at the risk of crushing the song.

In addition, because high frequencies are more fragile, improperly recorded songs and poor quality MP3 files will have a lower rendering, while QC 15 would be better able to hide some of these defects.
I think most people will love the new sound, but there will be others who will prefer the more “warm” and casual sound of QC 15. Personally, I prefer a livelier and thrilling headphone. Some will say they went a little too far, but the Bose QC 25 makes a better sound with most genres, especially rock and more complex songs that play many instruments at the same time.
If you are an audiophile, well, you probably should not buy noise-reducing headphones, as it is true that a good passive circum-auricular headphone in this price level, such as the Sennheiser Momentum, Will make a sound more natural and refined.

Performance: better sound and improved reduction bose qc25


I have not yet found any noise reduction headphones that handles the noise reduction part more effectively than a Bose model. It would have been difficult to give up his options for more comfort. The sound quality was good but not fantastic.
That said, Bose has improved the audio performance with the QuietComfort 25. Although it is not great, you will find it hard to find a superior sound with another model having noise reduction. Certainly, it is quite expensive, but for those looking for a high-end noise-canceling headset, to travel or simply block the ambient noise when listening to music or watching a video, this QuietComfort headset is recommendable.

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