BOSE AE2 Complete Review
Design 8
Features 7
Performance 8

With the Bose AE2, the manufacturer provides a very comfortable and good performance headphone for an average budget

Summary 7.7 good


  • Pros: Lightweight and comfortable, the Bose AE2 s a headphone having particularly detailed sound, that can fold flat and is very properly insulated from outside noise.
  • Cons: A bit expensive. Mediums crushed between bass and treble.

Bose AE2 Review

In the world of headphones, Bose is especially renowned for its Quiet-Comfort range, embedding active noise reduction modules effectively. However, the manufacturer also provides products without noise reducers such as the AE model sitting directly on the ears and the OE models which have a circum-aural design and therefore completely cover your ears. After a successful first series, Bose now offers a second version of its headsets.

Bose AE2 Review

Design of Bose AE2 Headphones

Compared to the first version of the Bose Around-Ear (AE), the new headphones are designed in a much more attractive way that strongly resembles that of the Quiet-Comfort range. However, even if an effort was made to that side, the headset is still really dark in comparison to some slightly more current models such as the Beats Studio or V-Moda Crossfade M-100.

The quality of the manufacturing is outstanding, and with materials and finishes of high quality, the headphones should hold well in time. If you want to store the headphones in a bag, the earphones can fold flat, but they cannot fold back inside the headband. As for protection, a small carrying bag also comes with the box.

If despite the solidity of the headphone you come to break one or several parts, we would like you to know that Bose and its resellers provide the possibility of buying separate spare parts, a practice that can only be welcomed. Those who have already thrown a $200 headphones to the trash, just because it was impossible to replace a single part, will know the feeling.

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Comfort of Bose AE2 Headphones

Bose headphones are as comfortable as its latest Quiet-Comfort 15, only its bow is a little less padded. However, the AE2 is clearly lighter than its counterpart with noise reduction and does not feel like a burden on your ears at all. On the headphones, there are large foam cushions that are particularly soft and comfortable. It truly is, one of the most comfortable headsets of its range.

If you opt for the AE2i model which is specifically designed for Apple devices and incorporates a remote control, you may find it a little too close to the headphones. In practice, it is sometimes a bit painful to find the buttons.

Comfort of Bose AE2 Headphones


Sound Performance of Bose AE2 Headphones

The first version of the AE emphasized the bass which could become troublesome in the long run. In this second version, the Bose AE2 provides a more neutral sound signature, with a very well balanced sound between different tones. The design of the headphones provides passive blocking of up to 30% of the external noise, which is quite interesting for a headphone of this size and makes you feel a little more absorbed in your music or movies.

Regarding the performance of the headphones, the Bose AE2 clearly has a mark of its own. The basses are rather well detailed without being necessarily exaggerated whereas we find treble particularly crystalline, sometimes becoming a little aggressive according to musical styles. To be honest, among the many headphones I have had the opportunity to review, it is clearly not this one that has the most faithful musical rendering. Attention! The sound is very good, detailed and clean, but it lacks warmth or energy.


Even if the Bose version 3 is introduced, this model will remain one of the most powerful headphones in its price range. Thanks to a very clean and detailed sound and better passive insulation than its competitors. One will particularly appreciate the comfort of the headphones and its lightness on the ears.

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