BEATS SOLO HD: Complete Review

Beats Solo HD

  • Pros: The Beats Solo HD headphone is a particularly stylish product, surfing on the wave created by the popular Beats by Dre. With a compact but durable design, it is particularly suitable for those wishing to enjoy their music everywhere. The cable not only incorporates a remote control to manage the iPod but also a microphone for your voice calls. The basses are powerful, and the headphones come with a carrying case.
  • Briefly: Despite a price not really adapted according to the sound performance of the headphones, the Solo HD remains a good product with a particularly eye-catching design that should prove to be a great success. If you travel a lot, it is modified perfectly for your needs by its size and solidity.


  • Supra-Aural
  • Remote control with microphone (iOS devices)

Beats Solo HD Review

The Beats by Dr. Dre range debuted in 2008 and its various products have all met with great success. Since then, Monster and Beats have separated their tracks, but each continues to offer headphones, earphones, and speakers with very good performances and ever more pervasive designs. With the Beats Solo HD, Monster, in partnership with Dr. Dre, proposes a supra-aural headphone, recalling the design of the first version of the beats.

Beats Solo HD Review

Design and Features

The Beats Solo resumes the lines and distinctions that made its predecessor a great success. We thus find it incorporating large headphones, with however a significant difference: a supra-aural model. The pads rest directly on your ears rather than completely encompass them. In practice, we find headphones, which are more compact and more suitable for people using them on the move.

On the headphones, we find the Beats logo, the famous “b” very distinctive in a chrome circle. The pads are slightly flared on their base to provide some comfort. In practice, the Solo HD is comfortable, but its relatively tight design makes it lose some points while listening for long sessions. It is far away from the comfort of a Parrot Zik or a Bowers & Wilkins P5.

At the quality level, the Beats headphones are undoubtedly substantial and well finished. From earphones to the headband, it is clear that the headphones are made to last for a longer time and withstand many carriages. The metal arch is adjustable and is covered with a soft, lacquered plastic, the inside is padded and on the outside, the Beats by Dr. Dre logo. The headset comes with only one cable which is detachable and can, therefore, be easily replaced if you lose it or break it (though unlikely, as it is well designed and robust).

The wireless headphones are now available in many colors, ranging from black to blue, white, red or purple through magenta or green. In short, everyone should be able to find the shade of his mood.

Note that the headphone can fold back on itself and can be stored in a carrying case included in the box of the Beats Solo HD. One should appreciate this effort as some competitors don’t provide such accessories even at a higher price.

About the functions, “ControlTalk” allows you to manage your iPod directly from the microphone integrated into the remote control on the cable. It is thus possible to administer the listening volume, the tracks or to pick up a phone call from the various buttons on the remote control.

Sound performance

Beats headphones are often reputed to promise a very powerful sound signature, and the Solo HD is the first model to include two speakers in each earphone. They allow the headset to deliver a more precise and powerful sound as compared to the first version “Beats by Dre.” Unsurprisingly, the performances are very much bass-oriented, particularly high compared to other tones. The result is a sound that will surely please the lovers of rap and hip-hop, but not so much on the other musical genres. Indeed, because of these powerful basses, the overall quality of the sounds is often very average, and its competitors offer clearly better audio performance in the same price range. One thinks of a Bose AE2 or a V-Moda Crossfade M-100 for example.

In short, if you are looking for a precise, clean and clear sound, go some other way.


The Beats Solo HD offers a very nice design and finishes of great qualities. Unfortunately, the product once again disappoints regarding sound performance, and this is a shame. If the manufacturer proposed sound signatures a little better balanced and more neutral, one could enjoy a complete product, and it could have been a real success. If you are not picky about audio performance, then the Solo HD can be advised despite its price. For others, we invite you to consult other articles on our site to find the best headphones for yourself.

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