BEATS by Dr Dre MIXR: Complete Review
Design 7
Features 8
Performance 8

The Dr Dre Beats Mixr is a powerful and deep bass player for you. We regret a moderate comfort but we appreciate the accessories

Summary 7.7 good


  • Pros: The Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr headphone is a product designed to meet the expectations of DJs. It has a rather nice and flashy look, many accessories and very powerful sound performance.
  • Cons: The comfort is not at the top and price is a bit excessive. We would have appreciated a little more neutrality in the sound signature.
  • Briefly: Very powerful but not necessarily very comfortable, the headphones have very good basses, but other frequencies are not well balanced. Nevertheless, when we buy Beats, we like the powerful bass and the flashy looks, and this is what is proposed here. A positive point for the accessories and the functionality of the adapted design.


  • Circum-Aural
  • Swivel Headphones
  • Two audio ports
  • Carrying Case

Beats Mixr Review

Beats announced the specialties with its Mixr model, designating it as the smallest and most powerful set ever made. In practice, we are not much convinced by the claims of the manufacturers. The headset is evidently inspired by David Guetta, who collaborates with several audio manufacturers. As a result, the look is clearly young and oriented towards an audience not necessarily emphasizing the sound characteristics of the products.

Beats Mixr Review

In general, we find a nice look, but as it is often the case with beats, the bass is unfortunately too powerful. Some will appreciate, of course, others may not.

Design and comfort of the Beats Mixr

In recent years, notably after the success of Beats’ first models (in collaboration with Dr. Dre), the headsets are no longer intended solely for music listening but have become a part of the wardrobe of teenagers and fashion fans. Keeping up the momentum, Beats now offer colored headphones (in black, white, red, pink, green or blue) that should please a lot. However, personally, I prefer the look of a more impressive Beats Studio.

One of the advantages of the Mixr design is its size. Unlike the other models of Beats, including the one cited above, this one is really small. The headphones remind of the Solo HD in a reduced version. The materials used are also different, forget the plastics and move towards an aluminum oriented structure, greatly increasing the strength of the product, more rigid but flexible enough. Clearly, this one should take all your travels very well.

However, despite this small size, the Beats Mixr is not necessarily forgotten on the head. Of course, I’m not talking about the look that should attract a lot of eyes on your ears, but of the comfort of the Bluetooth headphones. The product disappoints a little for several reasons. First of all, the pressure exerted by the headphones is greater than on the majority of the competitors. Then, the padding at the arch is very limited. Certainly, the rubber material allows to get a good hold, but we would have appreciated more comfort here.

The headphones can be rotated 90 ° forward for easy storage in the protective case offered by Beats, or backward for DJs needing to release an ear.

Beats Mixr’s bear fine functionalities, including the ability to plug the cable into either earpiece and plug another pair of headphones into the other, to share the music with another person. Moreover, Beats offer two cables in the box of the headphones. The first is a straight cable with a three-button remote control and a microphone compatible with iOS devices (it is, therefore, possible to modify the volume and the tracks from it) and a second twisted cable specially designed for DJs. It has a 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack adapter for connecting to your mixing devices.

Beats Mixr colors


Sound quality

Beats headphones have a certain reputation, and to the audiophiles, it is not necessarily the best. It is clear that the manufacturer is rather obsessed with the bass and the Beats Mixr is no different from its ancestors. Like the earlier models, there are 40mm speakers with a powerful sound, oriented towards these tones.

What impresses above all is the sound power delivered by a headset so small. Even by pushing the volume, only a few distortions are to be noted which is quite incredible. However, most current headphones offer noise cancelling sufficient volumes, and apart from wishing to be deaf, the utility of such power remains to be questioned.

Talking about the signature of the Beats Mixr, the basses are particularly pushed, and you would feel like having a sub-woofer in the ears. Although deep and worked, if you are an amateur in this matter, you will be satisfied with the Mixr. For the others, this one will swiftly show its limits in the mediums and highs that are eaten as the basses are powerful. If you are a follower of acoustic music, guitars and Mixr does not necessarily mix well.


The Beats Mixr is not essentially a star in this business. Admittedly, it is very practical with its small size, and its sound power is impressive, but its signature sound will not be clearly adapted to all music genres. Besides very good and deep bass, the treble is correct, but mediums are average. Comfort is not the first power of this headset, which can become irritating after a few hours. Nevertheless, we appreciate the complete packaging offered by Beats, the two cables, and the carrying case, as well as the fluorescent and colorful look that should appeal to young people.

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