AKG K451 Headphone review
Design 7
Features 7
Performance 7

Clearly cheaper than models like the QC20 or Sennheiser Momentum, the AKG451 is a success for its small price! A true opportunity if you have a reduced budget but still want good audio performance

Summary 7.0 good

  • Good: Unbeatable value for the sound quality of this supra-aural design.
  • Bad: Maybe not the most comfortable headset in the market.
  • Summary: The AKG K541 has excellent sound quality at an unbeatable price. It is versatile, comfortable and its treatment of the basses is impeccable. And based on these criteria, it is the cheapest headphone model on the market compared to its competitors.

Headphone AKG K451 Review

In recent years, the use of good quality headphones is increasing. It is not unusual to see young people wearing giant headphones in the subway that cost hundreds of dollars. Here is an interesting alternative: this model is not imposing, and it does not cost a fortune. And it offers excellent quality in sound reproduction, especially if you are looking for a compromise on quality/price rather than extreme sound accuracy.

AKG K451 Headphone Review

AKG K451 Headphone Review


AKG K451 Headphone Design and Features Review

Design Review

The AKG K451 is amongst the headphone models that do not obstruct your hearing ducts. They are also very mobile, and this will suit most users.

Their shells adapt perfectly to the lobes of your ears. It can be folded easily and remotely controlled with 3 buttons that are compatible with Apple devices. If you think people who wear big headphones in the subway look ridiculous, then we can say that the AKG 451 on-ear headset is made for you because it is very discreet compared to these XXL models.

And its design is truly irreproachable. In fact, this helmet is inspired by a design that had already been seen in 2011 on the AKG Q460, but this time the design has undergone modifications that are of the most beautiful effect. Thus, each headphone shell is based on a black and silvery design rather than light green, and each has concentric patterns that are located on either side. We can not imagine anyone who would be embarrassed when wearing this headphone.

Comfort level of AKG 451 Headphone

It will fit on most people, but this poses problems in some cases. This supra-auricular headset will attach directly to the cartilage of your ears. Eventually, we will feel it, and it can even cause irritation. The AKG K451 uses rather bulky foam pads, and the on has a good balance between comfort and quality. The earphones can swivel freely, and you can adapt them once the headband is placed on your head. Also note the tension adjustable in the arch which allows you to ensure an optimal grip without risking that it does fall during jogging, very interesting for athletes. They are not as comfortable as the Philips CitiScape Downtown, but it is more an aspect of its design rather than a mistake.

AKG K541 Specs

Like most supra-auricular headphones, the AKG K541 has an optimal insulation, but not perfect. It was tested in the subway, and it worked well without any problems. However, outside noise was heard in the noisiest areas of the London Underground.

Unlike similar models, the noise isolation headphone has a removable cable system, and the product comes with two cables. You will also receive a semi-rigid storage box. The first cable has control buttons for iPhone and iPod as well as a microphone for a hands-free kit. The second cable has no buttons, and it’s just a standard cable. Rather than using a conventional 3.5 mm cable, these cables use a system that allows them to be unfolded as required (using a winding mechanism).

Design and Features of AKG 451 Headphone

Design and Features of AKG 451 Headphone

AKG 451 Headphone Sound Performance Review

Let’s start with the good news: the headset provides excellent sound quality. Bass sound is powerful and accurate. It vibrates more than its competitor, the Sennheiser HD238. These amplified basses also reduce the ambient nuisance.

The powerful sound of wireless headphone makes it ideal for those who create electronic music. Even if it is not perfect, the bass control is solid enough to accentuate the rhythm of the percussions without one suffers from a swelling effect of the sound. The low-frequency basses are also of good quality if the price of the model is taken into account.

Even if the AKG K541 is designed to provide bass quality similar to Monster Beats Solo HD, it avoids the effect of the “Sound Barrier” that we do not like in these very popular headsets today. The AKG K451 costs half the price of the model that we have just mentioned, but it works admirably if we compare only the sound power.

Now, it’s no wonder we suffer from a few flaws when we see the price. This mainly concerns the range of basses that exceed its usual spectrum. The result is that we do not have a good separation with the vocal. We do not really notice this separation with the level of sound, but these are important criteria if we look for a helmet with perfect quality.

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If you are looking for a sound signature as powerful as the AKG K451, but want exceptional quality then you will have to pay a little more. The model that comes to mind is the Sennheiser Momentum to which we gave a very good score, but the price is obviously not the same.


We can say that the AKG K541 is a helmet that will suit many people. The design is really neat, and the sound quality, especially on the bass rendering will satisfy most users. Of course, people who seek precision and extreme rendering will not be satisfied with this product. But it is clear that it surpasses many of its competitors who are more expensive without forgetting that it is more discreet.

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