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We also offer many reviews directly connected to the world of headphones to accompany you according to your interest. So whether you’re a true audiophile, a young nomad in search of good sound for its displacement, or athlete wishing to enjoy his music during exercise, Headphone.com will help you find your happiness!

Something About me and why I started this website

I was always passionate about music – probably since when my father put classical music when I was in the cradle. Over time, my taste – and ears – were maturing. I started to consider the quality of the most interesting and important sound for music appreciation. I did not find that essential, but it certainly helps.I bought my first headset at the age of 15 years in 2005, and since then I had the opportunity to go through some very interesting things in headphones marketplace.

Here, you will not only find a repository of assessments but also reviews audio products. I think we are all evolving, and reading these reviews, in chronological order. I learned a lot from when I started, and my opinions, tastes, and impressions have also changed a bit with time.

One of the reasons I started this blog was dissatisfaction with much of what you read there – filled opinions of interest, false truths, mysticism, speculations and other issues. So, I like to share information with those who have not had the opportunity to listen to what I already could.

Here, you can read reviews of equipment I own or to which have access – either through the generosity of many of the good friends I made during that time or through borrowing from brands. By the way, I already made it clear that agreement on these loans is to allow me to be free to speak my real opinions. I am a music lover and a good sound, then the same way I write, I read. So, howdy, make sure that this site, assume a commitment: to be as sincere as possible.

I hope your visit will be fruitful!

A hug,

James Forney.